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When pipeline compliance is not your core focus

When managing regulated pipelines is not your core focus

A customer with 20 power plants trust their regulated pipeline assets are in compliance while they focus on the day-to-day management of their core business.

One of LineStar’s customers owns a fleet of 20 natural gas fired power plants with short regulated pipelines delivering gas to the plants. This customer is an expert at their core business, but don’t have the internal expertise to understand complex pipeline regulations, or the required resources to operate and maintain pipeline facilities.

LineStar’s Compliance Group manages the customer’s compliance programs, completes all preventative maintenance tasks and has represented the customer in over 10 successful audits. When the Compliance Group is performing routine inspections and finds a facility that requires repair, it seamlessly deploys the Tucker field maintenance team to execute the repair.

With LineStar, this customer does not have to manage multiple vendors and knows that our Compliance Group and Tucker teams are working in concert to respond quickly and drive efficiencies. They know their asset are in compliance, operated safely and can focus their day-to-day attention on the core businesses.

About LineStar

LineStar is an integrated pipeline compliance, technology and integrity maintenance company headquartered in Pasadena, Texas. LineStar’s family of brands include The Compliance Group, NuGen Automation and Tucker Construction, whose services are offered as standalone or integrated solutions. With decades of experience on a national scale, LineStar delivers custom solutions across all areas of compliance.

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