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The Compliance Group is our advisory team that provides end-to-end pipeline compliance management. Our experts will evaluate your energy assets, determine your compliance requirements, support you in operating in adherence and assist with managing audits. Our specialists are informed on the details of compliance requirements and will steer you through the process to ensure you meet all regulatory requirements.

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Total compliance solutions


Our comprehensive integrated service addresses all facets of your compliance program including field operations, integrity risk analysis, permitting, audit support, compliance tracking and document retention.


With expertise in operations and maintenance, integrity management, emergency response, public awareness, operator qualifications, health and safety, and drug and alcohol disciplines—we deliver an unmatched level of guidance. Our specialists account for every detail at every stage, so our customers have greater peace of mind.


We assist clients with about 200 audits a year. Tested and proven, we have extensive experience developing and managing compliance programs nationwide. Clients can trust that their projects will be successfully managed by our team of leading industry experts.

Industry leading

With our proprietary SafePipe application, customers have access to the most comprehensive compliance tracking and document retention solution in the industry.

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