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Gain full visibility into your assets

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Through NuGen we design, install and manage all technical infrastructure so you have greater visibility into your assets and the ability to effectively monitor performance. You can rely on our commitment to customer service and 24/7 support with our team of forward-thinking experts who specialize in aligning today’s technology, regulatory requirements and security with your needs.

The linestar team

#1 in technical infrastructure


Gain full visibility into your asset performance with our best-in-class technical infrastructure services including design, installation, integration, maintenance, hosting and 24/7 support.


Our technology expertise runs deep and includes SCADA, network, IT, control center operations, leak detection, security and PLC programming. You can trust that we will develop and tailor the right solution to meet your business needs.


For decades, both major oil and gas companies and smaller companies have relied on our technical infrastructure. We’ve seen it all and are equipped to guide you to the right solution in all circumstances.

Industry leading

We are the largest outsourced control center operation in the US and have a leading proprietary CRM Suite application. Our customers have access to next-level technical solutions—better technology for better results.

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