Case Study

When assets are spread out far and wide

Assets spanning multiple regions and a streamlined approach

A midstream operator improved reliability and saved money when they reorganized their compliance programs for assets spread across the country.

A large midstream operator has assets spread out across multiple states. Managing all operations with decentralized teams can lead to inconsistent processes, an administrative burden and redundant equipment and personnel.

LineStar’s Compliance Group and NuGen Automation combined forces to help this client streamline and improve their compliance processes. In this case, it made sense to maintain local field operators, while centralizing the administration of the compliance program. We also consolidated two local control rooms into NuGen’s third party control room operations.

The consolidated operation not only provided immediate cost savings, but also provided higher levels of reliability, operational consistency and security than their original set up.

About LineStar

LineStar is an integrated pipeline compliance, technology and integrity maintenance company headquartered in Pasadena, Texas. LineStar’s family of brands include The Compliance Group, NuGen Automation and Tucker Construction, whose services are offered as standalone or integrated solutions. With decades of experience on a national scale, LineStar delivers custom solutions across all areas of compliance.

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