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September 9, 2020

Oilman Magazine: Third-Party Compliance Management Trends in Midstream Operations

Read the latest article from LineStar published in Oilman Magazine: "Third-Party Compliance Management Trends in Midstream Operations"

Several influences play integral roles in the evolution of the midstream sector, with compliance and safety often at the heart of the industry’s pursuit of operational excellence. Recent regulation changes are among the most current stimuli in midstream operations, which have led to several operator trends in recent months. The impact of such modifications has already been felt throughout the industry, leading operators to seek the comprehensive solution of third-party compliance management and its many benefits...

Read the full article in Oilman Magazine HERE.

About LineStar

LineStar is an integrated pipeline compliance, technology and integrity maintenance company headquartered in Pasadena, Texas. LineStar’s family of brands include The Compliance Group, NuGen Automation and Tucker Construction, whose services are offered as standalone or integrated solutions. With decades of experience on a national scale, LineStar delivers custom solutions across all areas of compliance.

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